About Ali Grace



Ali Grace is a jewelry designer from Newport Beach, California, currently residing in New York City. From it’s pristine beaches to the crystal blue waters and picturesque sunsets, growing up on the California coast has significantly impacted and inspired Ali’s designs. 

Ali has been designing and hand-making jewelry for as long as she can remember. Prior to the launch of her namesake company, as a young girl, Ali sold her designs to her mother’s friends in the neighborhood. The young girl’s talent and entrepreneurial spirit enamored the women. 

Ali’s creations are filled with organic textures and rich colors. Each piece is handcrafted with sterling silver, gold, diamonds, natural stones and brass. 

As Ali has grown and matured, so has her jewelry. Ali is most known for her stackable rings with hidden diamonds. The placement of diamonds allows a stone to be visible at all times, no matter which way the ring moves. The current collection reflects a hybrid influence of nature and urban surroundings. Another constant source of inspiration are 1970s rock and roll photographs. 

Ali Grace Jewelry is loved by all ages because it is both timeless and modern. Today, the collection is available at www.aligracejewelry.com and select specialty stores in the United States.


This collection is a collaboration between Ali Grace and Brandon Boyd. Ali is a jewelry designer from Southern California currently residing in New York City and Brandon is an accomplished musician and visual artist living in Los Angeles.

The collaboration arose through a mutual friend, and developed further due to their shared appreciation for the art of handmade creations and a connection with California. Each piece of jewelry is hand sculpted by the duo. Ali’s placement of the hidden diamonds and charms provides a curious, unexpected detail while Brandon’s painterly qualities are brought forth in the intricate linework on the designs.

The jewelry reflects a hybrid of the West and East Coasts. Elements such as crystals and sandalwood are a reflection of California nature while the metals represent the urban environment of New York City. By using a matte finish on the metals, connectivity between inspirations from both coasts is achieved. The matte, imperfect finish allows the metal to take on a feeling similar to sand at the beach.

While the jewelry initiated with intent to be a men’s collection, it organically evolved into a line that can be worn and loved by both men and women. The collection is versatile and can be styled as part of a relaxed beach look or with a sophisticated city ensemble. The pieces can be worn one at a time or stacked together.